the bike and the tree

To me this looks like someone had hung there bike up on a little tree and then forgot it during war times mabey and now they are grandparent. This remindes me of a picture I saw of ice skates and someone had forgoten them as a child and then the are a grandparent and they found them and when they hug them up it was a small treeand they thought they would be fine. That is what that reminded me of and what I thought it this story was about and i would love to hear the real story. end.

My Superbowl Day

I woke up and I wasn’t feeling to well I was really nervous and I was nervous because it was superbowl sunday but not in the NFL but in battle football that’s my league and thats the team i play on, BATTLE. We were 5-1 ad we were doing amazing and the team we were playing was the only team that had beat us, Greenwich they were the worst they were dirty they were cheaters and everything plus thhe efs that was a big issue they werent certifide tey dont need to be in vermont. So we lost 36-12 but we got robbed, cheated that game was unfair if we had real refs we wouldive had a shot.

the lego bug man

This lego man’s name is bob. Bob is in a pile of his friends, ladybugs, he gets alot of lady’s. Well ladybugs because he’s a photographer and he’s a scientist that studies ladybugs and how they live. Even though he’s a Toy he can go on the trips. He watches as the scientists study them. He likes to look at the ladybugs and he is so small he can go in little piles of them and he loves it. And when they get back home he lives in his pirate ship or i his submarine or in his batmobile. end.

once apon a time

Long ago in a castle near Rome there was a knight he was a fierce fighter during day but a normal clumsy man at night. There was a ball that night he was taking his daughter to. They danced all night in the orange Ballroom where he had met his wife years before it brought back happy memories being that ballroom. Later that night they went to the forest and they got a bird. It was a nice bird that they loved always loved forever and ever it was a good bird. They never ever let the bird go. End

what it reminded me of

The other day I was driving down the road with my mom and I saw a truck pulling a truck on the back so it looked like the truck being pulled was going the wrong way on the wrong side of the road it reminded me of a time when i was watching youtube and i saw a video that there was a truck getting pulled by a truck and it looked like it was in the wrong lane and one of the people in the car was sleeping and woke up and got scared thats what i got reminded.

why there are animal statues

I think this is a religious statue that shows what animals are native to the land or what animals they worship and love. I think this because there statues of three animals that in the grass and they are heads of animals that are special to the land or the people because they wouldn’t make a statue of three specific animals for no reason unless it’s for a religious reason. So in conclusion this is what i think this picture represents i think it’s for a religious reason.

I thought it was going backwards

I was driving down the road and there was a car that was going forward but it seemed to be going backward. The car was bilt like the trunk was the driver seat and the front as the back so it looked weird almost as it as driving backward it scared me because it was in front of us at first but then he went next to us and i saw how it was built and i thought it was really cool and then when it went in front of us again we woke up my brother and scared him.

my weird school day

Today my teacher came in with a alligator skin bag and pulled a weird mauve colored pen ive never seen before. At ressese i climbed a really tricky tree but then got told to come down by the monitors. When i got home i did my homework then went in my room and played playstation. When i played playstation i played fortnite. I got three wins and then got board. After that i went outside and played football for a few hours before football practice. At practice we practiced tackling after then we practiced a few plays and also defence.


What i think the All Hands statue in Cardiff is

What are these hands well i will tell you what i think these hands are.          I think the hands are from the time when children had to work in like cotton factories and everyone had to work alot so it shows about how much people had to work and a little of what they did so they are showing thanks ro the people who had to go through that and had to work everyday to get money to live and have a good happy life          this is what i think the statue represets and is.